Don Tolman Whole Foods Boise Event

       April 17th, 2012 7:00 pm

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Holiday Inn Conference Center 

2970 W. Elder Street Boise ID, 83705

Who Is Don Tolman??

If you haven’t heard of Don Tolman, he’s affectionately referred to as the “Whole Foods Medicine Cowboy.”  See the reason is, just like a cowboy straight from a western movie, he’s truly blazing trails along the path only his cows aren’t really cows—they’re the typical food myths and lies that most people grow up thinking are truth.  Don has traveled around the world and done a sizable amount of studying as well as practicing what he’s been preaching (and not just for a few years—try decades). 


If you have heard of Don Tolman, then you are already aware of his amazing ability to incorporate even the most seemingly hopeless health food cases into total health consciousness. You also know that he’s full of so much knowledge he might as well have written an encyclopedia (and you would also know he actually did write an encyclopedia!). 


By far, no matter whether or not you know Don, one of the most miraculous things he does is help chronically ill people literally on the verge of death heal from their diseases.  And honestly, it’s not just a brief remission from cancer or an ease in chronic pain, it is basically “curing” the body of whatever the disease is! 


You might think that he uses a bunch of weird herbs and some serious hippy magic but really, it’s whole foods and lifestyle.  He uses simple tools like salt, fasting, water, and organic, whole foods to help people turn their lives around in a big way! 


It’s amazing when you think that here is an individual with a success rate that even some major hospitals (try Johns Hopkins and Cornell) aren’t capable of bragging about that doesn’t even use supplements in his regiment. 


Yes, you read that correctly—Don doesn’t believe that supplements (essential oils and aromatherapy, etc are OK…) are necessary or even natural and doesn’t recommend anyone to use them. 

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 Holiday Inn Conference Center 

2970 W. Elder Street Boise ID, 83705

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